At O’Neills Law, our expertise and experience is used help our clients know exactly where they stand and to identify and resolve disputes.


Expert negotiation early in a case can save time and money. However, when a conflict fails to be resolved even after mediation or arbitration, we provide the type of thinking and strategies to protect our clients through the court process.


Our team has a reputation for being cleverly aggressive in pursuing the interests of our clients. Our commercial litigator is experienced in advising about the identification and resolution of commercial law disputes as and when they arise.


O’Neills Law has broad experience in civil litigation including taking and defending credit and debt recovery actions, consumer protection and contract disputes. Litigation can be expensive and we are exceptionally aware of the need to keep costs in balance with the principle at issue. We provide our clients with realistic advice on their prospects of success and the options available to assist in achieving their own objectives.


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